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MT Westernshop has everything for cowboys, cowgirls and their horses: the right clothes, a wide range of cowboy boots, accessories, care products, saddles, horse tack, and much more.

We make sure only to offer the highest quality products, made out of the best materials by real craftsmen, while striving for as much authenticity as possible in rekindling the crude beauty of the world of western. Because our love for this fascinating culture was the very reason why we started our business!

We especially focus on personalised reins, halters, bridles and other horse tack. We seek out special and rare pieces with decorative patterns and offer our customers the opportunity to design their own decorations.

MT Westernshop does not have fixed opening times, but offers customers the chance to visit our shop by appointment, so we can give them our undivided attention.

We are situated in the peaceful countryside, which affords our guests the space and time to try out all the items they would like to buy or have adapted. Indeed, you are even welcome to bring your horse so we can suit any tack or saddle to your particular wishes!

It is clear: we are life-long horse riding enthusiasts, lovers and riders, completely taken by the world of western! Next we are planning on breeding Quarter Horses, more in particular for reining, so customers can be sure to find kindred spirits when they come to us!

At MT Westernshop, you will find everything you need for:

  • Reining
  • Barrel racing
  • Cutting
  • Recreation
  • Horse and carriage
  • Stable maintenance and horse care
MT Westernshop
MT Westernshop -Our horses

Our horses

The fact that we own and train various horses, not only gives us valuable information about the needs of the market, it also offers us the opportunity to use and test our equipment, making sure you get value for money!

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MT Westernshop
24 May


The construction of our new shop is finished!