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The rugged beauty of vast, rolling landscapes; pristine, natural beauty; the close bond between horse and rider; life in unison; nature and culture’s close symbiosis; artisanal leather craftsmanship...

They are just a few reasons why the world of western appeals to so many people. We, from our side, are just fascinated by the way of life and have fallen in love with the materials and objects that go with it.

Sadly though, increased popularity has also led to the standardisation and mass production that all too often takes away from the really artisanal and authentic character. But MT Westernshop wants to approach things differently, focusing on personalised items, especially saddles and other horse gear. This means we are always happy to advise and will adapt the tack you picked and designed to suit your needs and requirements exactly, even offering you the space to bring your own horse to try it out.

MT Westernshop also offers a complete range of western-style clothing, accessories and care products for horses and the world of western experience. Please feel free to call us for an appointment to visit our shop in person, go to our web shop or visit us at one of the western events we attend! We are also planning to start breeding Quarter Horses soon, more in particular for reining.

MT Westernshop - About us

General manager Imelda Maertens

Horses have been an important part of my life for 40 years. I started out as an English riding instructor, but sadly the investments necessary at the time weren’t feasible, so I founded a transport company instead. I did keep on riding for pleasure, though, also taking part in competitions later on.

But once I had more freedom, I wanted to focus on living and working with horses again.

The world of western won my heart! The love and respect these enthusiasts have for their horses; the close bond they have with them and nature in general; the way they dress (horse and rider!); and - certainly - the leather working techniques, the art and decoration... Just the romance of it all... In short, western riding has become a real passion of mine which won’t be leaving me any time soon and which I’d like to share with everyone!

MT Westernshop - Our horses

Our horses

The fact that we own and train various horses, not only gives us valuable information about the needs of the market, it also offers us the opportunity to use and test our equipment, making sure you get value for money!

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