Arena Masters ergonomic wool felt pad


Natural wool felt thickness 1″, dark chestnut wickett&craig wearleathers and re-inforcements

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Product Description

As the SP7500 is made of natural wool, it is important never to use hot water to clean, or heat to dry (to avoid shrinkage)


36″ x 34″

Bijkomende specificaties

CLEANING: occasionally carefully brush to prevent the buildup of dirt and hair, thus avoiding dirt and sweat to get embedded into the pad. WASHING: washing is only necessary when you feel the pad is hardening on important (pressure point) zones, it is best to avoid using soap, as you risk leaving residue that might irritate the horse. Rinse with clean water, using just enough water to dissolve sweat and dirt residu, always beginning in the centre and working up to the outer edges of the pad (so water does not soak into the pad) For rinsing and drying: hold or hang the pad by the gullet hole or place it over a rail (never lay the pad flat to rinse or dry). Dry the pad in a well ventilated area, after drying, flex the pad in the areas that have not softened.